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Welcome to is a birding website that allows you to keep track of your Life, State and County bird observations, generate reports based on eBird data, socialize with your birding friends and much more!

It's a combination of 1.) the bird observation entry and analysis of eBird, 2.) Life, State and County birding and 3.) social networking so you can share your observations with friends.

Here's of a summary of the websites features:
  • View a list of your bird observations and sightings including pictures filtered by Life, State or County lists.
  • Add Observations with easy to search bird species and options to set a County and/or State, date, location and notes.
  • Show a checklist of recent "Needs", bird species that you have no observations for Life, State or County.
  • Mobile version that allows you to easily add birds in the field.
  • Mobile version's "Show Me the Birds" generates a report of nearby "Needs" based on Life, State or County WHEREVER you are in the U.S.!
  • Advanced reporting like "Needed Nearby Species", "Recent Observations of a Species", "Recent Rarities", etc.
  • Maps of the U.S. and states color coded by how many species you have seen, even by county!
  • Add friends so that you can share eachothers bird lists and recent sightings, as well as join "Events" with them.
  • Create your own Events like a family Big Day or county Big Year that you can add your friends to.
  • Create alerts that will email you when a bird has been seen in the state, county, or even a nearby location that you can specify.
  • Participate in a "Daily Quiz" of identifying birds by picture, audio and video. Compete with your friends for top Quiz identifier of the month!
  • A community forum where you can post observation information, get help identifying birds and chat about that new species you just added. Login

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